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How Avita Works ?

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Avita Therapeutic Care Oil is developed by harnessing the benefits of ancient chinese medicine and western aromatherapy using the state-of-the-art-scientific research techniques. Regulating Vital Energy with Chinese Herbal Essential Oil can be through :

1/ Meridian Massage

Different Chinese herbs possess different unique properties. With the right meridian massage techniques, the herbal essential oil molecules can rapidly penetrate into the meridians and specific parts of the body for localized healthcare purposes. Such meridian massage is able to enhance the smooth flow of energy.

2/ Inhalation

The natural botanical fragrances, when inhaled into the body through the respiratory system, can interact with the gases in the lungs to enter the capillaries and subsequently act through the circulatory system to produce beneficial health results. Avita Herbal Essential Oil can be inhaled directly or via aromatherapy.

3/ Bath

To help improve blood circulation, avita hydrotherapy essential oil can be added to bath water or shower gel for best result.

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